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In the Sales Performance Optimization 2009 Survey by CSO Insights (www.csoinsights.com) there are some startling statistics;

  • 41.2% of sales reps are under quota, resulting in overall average revenue plan attainment of only 85.9%
  • 62.9% of revenue comes from existing customers, a drop from previous surveys, putting more pressure on new client acquisition effectiveness.
  • B2B sales organizations cite their top 3 concerns as; 1) increasing revenues (62%), 2) increasing sales effectiveness (51%) and 3) increasing market share (38%)

Based upon my experience running two large Fortune 500 B2B sales organizations, and assessments performed on dozens of medium sized sales groups I have always found the key leverage point in all sales organizations to be the first level field sales manager.  This is where hiring takes place, sales forecasts are born, win/loss reviews are conducted, sales processes are adapted to market conditions, one-on-one coaching sessions take place, best practices are shared and the only place where sales reps get their views of sales strategies.  If execution does not take place well here, it is impossible for sales to reach optimal output.  There are several telling details that CSO Insights reveals (www.csoinsights.com);

  • 45.3% of responding sales leaders say they need to improve their ability to hire reps who will succeed at selling.
  • 55% cite a need to improve forecasting practices
  • 56.2% need improvement in conducting regular win/loss reviews
  • 36.2% need to proactively identify which sales reps need coaching, and 46.7% are not effectively sharing best sales practices.

Many thanks to Barry Trailer of CSO Insights for sharing some of the information from their annual survey of Chief Sales Officers. 

Sales Performance Advisors works with CEOs and Chief Sales Officers to deliver field ready solutions that will impact sales measurably and rapidly.  For smaller companies we work with CEO’s to identify gaps in sales effectiveness, and to then implement change that will deliver visible improvements.  All of our services are financially guaranteed. 

Given the current economy we are focusing our efforts this year on a Sales Leadership Training programs specifically for first level sales mangers.  We know that, based on outcomes of previous sales forces assessments that this one sales driver is highly leverage-able, can have a dramatically rapid impact on results, and is relatively inexpensive as you are training the coach.  This two day course is composed of;

  • Leadership Credibility (Situational Leadership)
  • Leadership as customer service
  • Analytics of the sales pipeline
  • How to use the pipeline to identify sales development issues
  • How to prepare for, and deliver effective one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Role Playing
  • The Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid
  • Optional package of “coach the coach”.  Reinforced training through coaching each manager through their first use of the coaching model.

Our other services include;

Leadership Training

Pipeline Benchmarking & Coaching decision trees.

Interim Management Services

CEO Sales Management Coaching

I can be reached by phone (925) 216-5081 or email at gregorydeming@gmail.com.

This blog is authored by Greg Deming.

All posts revolve around a sales effectiveness formula;

(Sales Skills + Sales Will) X (Execution + Leadership) = Sales Results

It is my intent to journal what I have learned while running large national B2B sales organizations for Fortune 100 companies.  Having held every position between territory sales representative to SVP of sales I discovered there are critical linkages between sales people, field managers and sales leaders.  Over time I learned how to optimize the effect of each variable.

My profile can be located on LinkedIn.

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