The Formula

The sales results your sales organization delivers today is driven by; the sales skills of your team, their will to do the work, the effectiveness of your management team to execute and the credibility that they earn as leaders.  Stated another way;

Sales Results = (Sales Skills X Sales Will) + (Execution & Leadership)


3 Responses to “The Formula”

  1. Ashish Ranjan May 19, 2009 at 12:34 am #

    Hi Greg. Interesting, but if you were to assign some weights to your formula above, what would they be?

    Would you agree:
    Sales Results = [Sales Skills(15%) X Sales Will(40%)] + [Execution(15%) & Leadership(30%)]

    • gregdeming May 19, 2009 at 10:57 am #

      I would put equal weight on each of the four drivers. Under each driver there are 8 traits that will define the organization’s or individual’s effectiveness. These traits vary by industry, customer decision process and whether the prospect needs are blatant or latent.

  2. Christine September 10, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    Greg, as a sucessful sales person of many years, I applaud you for your insight as you hit the preverbial nail on the head. All your comments are excellent, unfortunately I have only found one employer in 20 years that subscribes to all your criteria. Fortunately, i worked for that person for twelve years. It is very hard to find a mangement team that understands what sales people need to sell and stay motivated. All I ever ask for in writing is no cap on commissions. Well, “in writing” doesn’t matter, as when a good sales person makes a large sale, inevitably the comapny does not want to pay and/or refuses, because the sale was so “effortless, easy, simple, etc.”, and ‘their job’ requires so much more ‘intelligence, hard work and time’. In exact words that were put to me by two bosses as well as my X…”I can’t believe that someone as stupid as you can close large accounts and earn such a large commission, when I work twice as hard and am twice as smart as you?” My response used to be, “so whyt aren’t you in sales?”. Whether 1099 or salaried, it’s always the same. It all comes down to passion and drive. People without that passion do not understand and never will, because they are always looking at the glass half empty.

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